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"You sure? Hmm... must have been a different person then. You sound like him though."

"I get that a lot. One of those voices, I think." Tim smiles at her. 

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"Your superhero one."

"I don’t know what you’re talking about."

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"You put on your suit, I'll put on mine, and I say we see what this night has in store for good guys like us."

"What kind of suit are we talking?"

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"You can’t stop death, Bruce. None of us can."


"This is not open for further discussion, Tim."


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"We are created by being destroyed." - Franz Wright, from Letter, January 1998 (via dragonflycup)

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"By…talking about my brother getting knocked unconscious? You have a strange definition of ‘fun’."

"No by me trying to outwit you."

"You’ve really only got yourself to blame for fighting that losing battle.” Tim smiles. 

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Imagine Jason taking selfies with criminals he just beat up and sending them to Dick.

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"Patrol for what?”

"C’mon, Tim," Owen grunted and lowered his voice. "Y’know. We put on the masks, we go out into the night, Red Robin and Throwback?"

"Red Robin and who?” Tim raises an eyebrow. “Look, I’m really not in the mood for practical jokes right now, okay? I’m tired, I feel like I haven’t slept properly in weeks, and I just…want to head to bed early. So if that’s all, I’d appreciate you leaving my property.”

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"Great. You can help me with this paperwork."

"Stay naked while we do it and it’s a deal."

"I’m keeping boxers on. Take it or leave it."

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"What exactly am I supposed to be spoiling, here?"

"Me having fun."

"By…talking about my brother getting knocked unconscious? You have a strange definition of ‘fun’."